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How can Audio Support help you?

Life is worth hearing! Do you suffer from hearing impairment or do you know someone who does? Do you refuse to use hearing aids or feel they don't cover all of your needs? Is it hard for you to hear or get understood in noisy environments? Do you need to raise the volume of your TV set way up to be able to hear it? Do you, or someone you know, have a hard time hearing over the phone? As a teacher, trainer or conference speaker, do you often experience voice fatigue or lose your voice altogether? Are you a nurse, doctor, do you specialize in geriatrics or any other health care that requires you to speak loudly or constantly repeat instructions over and over?

AudioSupport can help you! We offer a wide range of affordable hearing aids and personal amplification solutions to suit your needs. AudioSupport offers innovative FM and infrared transmission technologies applied to personal amplification for home, education and health institutions. Some of these adapted products look exactly like other products you use routinely, enabling you to carry on normally with all your everyday activities.

We carry a comprehensive line of products designed to assist the hearing impaired: devices that will let you listen to your TV without disturbing anyone else, amplified telephone sets, vibrating fire alarms with visual notification, portable soundfield digital or FM systems for school or other group listening applications, personal amplifiers or voice amplifiers for your patients, we have it all.

AudioSupport is the long-sought third option for the hearing impaired. The first option is yours, if you have the financial means (between $5,000 and $10,000) to purchase high end hearing aids with all the options built right in : TV mode, phone and group discussion settings, and all the accessories.

The second option is yours if you qualify for state-subsidized programs offered by Quebec's RAMQ or CSST (35 dB hearing loss in your better ear), providing you also have the time and ability to visit ORL and audiology specialists and the government's distribution centre.

AudioSupport caters to the needs of people who do not have several thousand dollars to spend on high-end hearing aids, those who do not qualify for the RAMQ program and people who can't or won't deal with the thorough process of health care specialists.

We offer affordable quality products that are easy to use. We provide online tools to help you use them and will also install them for you, if necessary.

We are convinced that our TV listening systems, amplified phones and visual or vibrating fire alarms will enhance the wellbeing of the hearing impaired and their families.